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Switch to DuckDuckGo Search Engine

Google is a HUGE empire, if they wanted they could ruin the economy of many countries, 1 Company should not be allowed to have so much power and as you know they collect everything about you if you want or not. Most of us have nothing to hide, but would you like a dude behind you all the time looking at what you are doing.

Even the search results are not that good anymore, we HIGHLY recommend a very cool search engine, without all those placed advertisement and you have your privacy.


Still worried about your browsing history being tracked to deliver search results on the Web? Try DuckDuckGo, a search engine that respects your privacy. It doesn’t tailor search results based on your interests or the websites you frequent. DuckDuckGo recently added several new features such as instant answers. Apple’s iOS 8 supports DuckDuckGo and users will be able set it as the default search engine on their iOS devices.

Try it now and make a difference, don’t be fooled by a company that have buied 187 Companies under those are Military Robot companies.

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