Trojans found in more than 100 Android apps

The war between Man and computer virus continues


Man is a very peculiar character. There is always a Dr Jekyll as well as a Mr. Hyde personality to his character. On one side, you see him inventing new technology making life easier for his fellow humans. On the other hand, you see the same Man creating malicious software programs to wean away and steal important data from computers all over the world.

Trojan software:

This is a special type of virus software capable of stealing important information from computers by attaching itself to other programs. The word Trojan owes its origins to an ancient Greek mythology war strategy. The story goes thus. The enemy hides itself in a huge wooden boat. The unsuspecting inhabitants of the Greek town of Troy bring the boat inside their otherwise impregnable fort. The enemy then surfaces at night and finishes off the city of Troy.

In the similar way, Trojan software attaches itself to any of your computer programs. It is harmless as long as you do not open it. Once you do so, the virus attaches itself to other data and affects them. It is also capable of stealing vital information. One such latest Trojan virus is the Android.Spy.277.origin.


The research team at Russian security form Doctor Web isolated this virus and added the same to its virus database. The malware experts have found this virus in about 104 Android applications available on Google Play Store. An estimated 3.2 million users have unknowingly downloaded the virus onto their phones.

How does it affect?

Once inside the system, this Trojan can collect nearly 30 different pieces of information about the device and transmits the same to a remote server. The stolen data also includes the IMEI number of the phone.

This virus also intimidates the user into installing unnecessary applications onto their devices. It displays advertising notifications as well as creates shortcuts on the Android home screen leading to Google Play store.

Google is trying to sort out this problem. Subsequently, Android users may have to install an anti-virus program on their devices. This virus has made its foray into the Google Play store for the first time.

One more such malicious software is the FaceLookout.A.


This is new Trojan software on Google Play Store according to mobile security firm, TrustGo Mobile.

You can find this Trojan hidden in an app named “Updates.” This bears a close resemblance to the update to the Lookout mobile security application. However, this is a dangerous virus. The malware can steal the Android user’s messages, video files, as well as SD card information. This is where people store their important identification information.

The virus ensures the transmission of the stolen data to a remote server in Thornton, Colo. TrustGo calls this a new approach attempt by malware makers. This can target multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, as well as Unix/Linux operating systems.

However, the good news is that the security company has updated its free antivirus solution enabling protection to users from the FaceLookout.A virus.

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