Right to Privacy Threatened by Googles Android 4.4.2

Right to Privacy Threatened by Android 4.4.2

Privacy has always being an important aspect of people’s life. Everybody has a right to privacy as regarding what they allow other people to know about and who should know about them. There have however, being a number of factors that have threatened this right to privacy over the years. In recent times, the right to privacy is worsened by the advent of the Internet. A lot of websites now request for your personal information other before they can allow you access. While you might be comfortable leaving your information with the website, you are at the same time scared about what the website does with the information and if they would willingly or unwillingly (based on security flaws and hacking) give it to others.

Personal privacy

Everybody has various levels of privacy. While some are free with their body and information, others are more conservative about them. Everyone has the right to determine what part of him/herself others see and this are also guided by some rules. For instance, there is the rule of indecent exposure, which prohibits people from moving around naked in most places, especially where they could be seen by minors.

This article however focuses on personal privacy as regards to information. It is wrong in virtually all nations in the world for a person’s personal property or information to be accessed without the person’s authorization. To this effect, even security forces are barred from searching people’s properties or information without a person’s permission. When they must, they must have a warrant, which should have been issued as a result of strong evidence of wrong doing on the part of the person.

The right to personal privacy has however being threatened by the advent of the Internet. A lot of individual data have been hacked online. In some cases, their compromising pictures and other personal information they do not want in the eyes of the public have been accessed without permission and distributed. In other cases, such individuals are blackmailed. Based on this, there is the need to have adequate knowledge about online platforms you use including the Android OS for mobile phones and how to protect yourself.

Privacy in Android 4.4.2

Prior to the introduction of Android 4.4.2, the operating system protects your data from being accessed by applications. A particular app was subsequently created, which you can install before your data can be accessed. This implies that without any knowledge about privacy, you were initially safe and if you need access to your data by apps, you now had the option of installing the app to allow access.

With the advent of Android 4.4.2 however, by default, applications can access your data. The open-source system of Android operating system also means that hackers could purposely develop apps for the sole aim of stealing personal information from users. It is thus imperative that you take up measures to protect yourself. Failure to do this and it would be possible for a lot of apps and the people who have admin rights over the app to get your personal data including your current location.

Protecting your personal information from being accessed in Android 4.4.2

  • Not allowing access while installing apps: It is possible to deny apps permission to access your data while installing. All you just need to do is uncheck the type of information you don’t want the app to access. A lot of apps would however not work at all and in other cases, not function properly if you disable their ability to access your data.
  • Using other operating system: You could decide to opt for other operating systems as opposed to using the Android 4.4.2. You should however be careful that the other options do not compromise your personal data as well.
  • Not putting information you don’t want others to see on your phone: Another way is to ensure you don’t put any information you don’t want unauthorized access to on your phone. This way, it would not be possible for the app to access data that is not on your phone.
  • Putting off your location: So that your location is not tracked without your knowledge, you could always put off the location feature of your phone. This way it would be impossible for the app to get your location and share.

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